Health care forum opens dialogue on state’s Exchange

Northeast Mississippians had a chance to chew on plans for a state health exchange at a public forum Tuesday.Under federal health care reform laws, states must have an exchange in place Jan. 1, 2014, or use a federal health care exchange.Health exchanges are central hubs where health insurance plans can be compared side by side and purchased. It allows for a range of coverage options. Companies would compete on service, price and networks.


Mississippi Department of Insurance Holds Town Meetings

Beginning Monday, June 20th, the Mississippi Insurance Department will begin hosting statewide town hall meetings on the creation of Mississippi’s Health Insurance Exchange.

Republican governors move ahead on health exchanges

A small but growing number of prominent, Republican governors — including Mitch Daniels and Haley Barbour — are taking the lead to shape a key component of the health care overhaul their party fought so hard to kill.

Americans want to “keep Medicaid as it is”

More than half of Americans do not want Medicaid funding cut and are skeptical of changing how the federal government funds the healthcare program for the poor, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey released on Wednesday.

Mississippi lawmakers differ on federal budget issues

Will balancing the federal budget be a difficult, harrowing procedure like chemotherapy? Or can Congress fix its trillion-dollar deficits with a few well-placed bandages, inflicting little pain on American citizens?
Mississippi lawmakers can’t seem to agree.

Affordable Care Act Offers Recent Graduates More Choices

It’s graduation season here in Mississippi, and the promise of a new beginning for young adults is exciting. But for some, it’s a little frightening. In an unstable economy, many graduates fear that they will not be able to find a job and may believe that they won’t have health insurance either. Yet, the Affordable Care Act (health care reform) now allows college graduates to have the option of getting coverage through their parents’ health insurance plan.