Tax panel supports 50-cent cigarette tax

JACKSON - Gov. Haley Barbour’s tax study commission voted Tuesday to recommend raising the tax on cigarettes to 50 cents per pack.


The Governor’s Tax Study Commission did not go far enough by recommending an 18 or 32 cent cigarette tax increase. A cigarette tax increase of 18 or 32 cents—the amounts offered in the Commissions draft report— is directly in line with the tobacco industry’s acceptable scale because these miniscule amounts would have no effect on youth smoking.

Group to study if Miss. needs nurse visit program

A health advocacy group is studying whether Mississippi should start a program to provide nurse visits to the homes of all low-income, first-time parents and their children.

EDITORIAL:Larger health issues”

A continuing public conversation started by the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program about the full range of health care needs and options in our state reflects the growing concerns of many citizens about the quality, breadth, and affordability of insurance and treatment for people of all income levels and ages.

Tax panel supports 50-cent cigarette tax

Speed said he did not think the grocery tax should be reduced because it is one tax everyone pays. Mississippi’s grocery tax of 7 percent is the highest ...

Barbour: Medicaid cuts could come next month

Gov. Haley Barbour, on the losing side of a lawsuit over his ability to tax hospitals, said he will start the process of making cuts to Medicaid providers today.