HHS Secretary Sebelius Offers Barbour Emergency Federal Medicaid Support

With imminent flooding of many Mississippi Delta counties and the recent significant loss of life and property due to last month’s horrific tornados, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has offered Governor Haley Barbour several options to speed Medicaid eligibility for those who may desperately need health services.

States turn to work-arounds on health insurance exchanges

State governments across the country are exploring workarounds to get health exchanges up and running as Republican legislators and tea party protests have blocked state laws to implement this piece of health reform.

The sad state of American kids’ food environments

Nearly half of all American children and teens are overweight or obese, according to government statistics, and a large part of the problem may be lack of access to healthy foods in kids’ environments

Health Insurance Exchanges Already Making Waves

Like almost everything else connected with the health overhaul law, state-based insurance “exchanges” are embroiled in politics.

Haley Barbour Draws Fire For Medicaid Changes

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour raised eyebrows in Washington last week when he said some Medicaid recipients in his state drive BMWs. But back home, Barbour’s critics weren’t surprised.

Affordable Care Act benefits people with Medicare

More than 150,000 people with Medicare part B already received annual wellness visits; Expanded coverage of preventive services will lower premiums, cost sharing