Some states seeking flexibility to push health-care overhaul further

A handful of states are pursuing health measures that go far beyond the Obama administration’s signature legislative accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act.

Tenn. program for healthy foods sees mixed results

The kids who visit Givens Community Market sometimes grab peaches instead of potato chips, grapes instead of grape soda. The cramped convenience store is being hailed as a health savior to many in its North Nashville, Tenn., neighborhood, considered a food desert because it lacks a full-sized supermarket and so many residents don’t have their own transportation.

Insurer creates red-state strategy

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is teaching its member plans how to overcome conservative opposition to the Democrats’ health care law.At a closed-door meeting Wednesday at D.C.’s Grand Hyatt with member plans from across the country, association officials covered topics like “Moving exchanges forward,” “What motivates conservatives to oppose creating exchanges? Myths vs. facts,” and “Tactics and strategies,” according to a meeting agenda. The group heard from Mississippi Department of Insurance Senior Attorney Aaron Sisk during lunch.


HHS Pushes Federal-State Partnerships For Insurance Exchanges

Worried that the federal government could end up running new insurance marketplaces for dozens of states, the Obama administration is making a new pitch for cooperation to 46 states and the District of Columbia.Health officials from the states are meeting in the District of Columbia with the administration, which is proposing several models for ways to divvy up exchange duties between Washington and the states.

As states lag in implementing health-care law, bigger federal role looks likely

Across the country, states are lagging in preparations to erect the health insurance market­places at the heart of the 2010 health-care overhaul, bogged down by a combination of partisan hostility and practical hurdles.

Kaiser poll: Uninsured don’t understand ACA

About half of the uninsured Americans who stand to benefit the most from the health care reform law aren’t aware of how the legislation is designed to help them buy insurance, according to a new poll released by the Kaiser Family Foundation.