Health Help Mississippi improves options in Desoto County

With an initial campaign aimed at boosting health care options for young adults, the nonprofit Health Help Mississippi has opened a 22-county regional base on the Hernando square at 2560 U.S. 51 S.

Groups Watching As Mississippi Develops Insurance Exchange

Mississippi is on its way to developing one of the nation’s first health insurance exchange programs. MPB’s Daniel Cherry reports how many groups are watching closely as the state builds the insurance marketplace.

State’s health care exchange idea predates federal act

Mississippi’s Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney, elected in 2007 after 15 years in the Legislature, has broken ranks with other Red State officials in the South who blanketly oppose ACA. Chaney, long a believer in high-risk insurance pools, got out front on the health insurance exchange idea in 2009 (before passage of ACA) by shepherding into state law discretionary power for him to create one. (Barbour supported the idea back then.)

Health care law worth celebrating

Help is here and more is on the way because of the ACA. Many of our neighbors, friends and families are already benefitting from the ACA.

Mississippi Builds Insurance Exchange, Even As It Fights Health Law

Mississippi, a deeply red Southern state that is part of the Supreme Court case against the health law, is moving full speed ahead with one of the key provisions of that law: an online health insurance exchange.

Rules For New Insurance Marketplaces Give Insurers Clout

Insurers and other industry representatives will get to fill as many as half the seats on the governing boards for state health insurance exchanges, under final rules for the marketplaces issued today by the Department of Health and Human Services.  At least one seat must be reserved for a consumer representative.