Half of All Mississippi Kids Could Soon Be On Medicaid or CHIP

New research shows that the recent health care overhaul could mean a growing number of Mississippi kids will get their health insurance through the government. MPB’s Jeffrey Hess reports child welfare advocates see the expansion as good news for the health of Mississippi’s youngest residents.

Farm-to-school Plan Takes Root

Determined to ensure their children aren’t deprived of fresh fruit and greens outside the home, parents at a Starkville preschool have boosted a farm-to-school initiative that aims to transplant healthy, locally grown produce in school cafeterias.

Bill aimed at trimming state’s high obesity rate

Mississippi schools would be able to share their running tracks and gyms with the public under a new bill aimed at reducing obesity.

Thousands in state benefitting from Affordable Care Act

When Mary Devine got the doctor’s bill for her annual checkup last year, she couldn’t believe how much she didn’t have to pay. What’s going on is the Affordable Care Act - dubbed “Obamacare” by some - intended to provide health insurance to more than 30 million previously uninsured Americans, with many provisions in place and more on the way.

Feds require consumer-friendly health plan briefs

Don’t have the slightest clue what your health insurance covers? The Obama administration says that’s going to change. Officials announced Thursday that starting later this year private health plans will have to provide consumers with a user-friendly summary of what’s covered, along with key cost details such as copays and deductibles.

Bryant Pushes for Medicaid Reforms

Gov. Phil Bryant wants to perform a magic trick of sorts: reform Mississippi’s Medicaid program so it doesn’t cost any more state money next year. Program officials were expecting costs to increase by 16 percent.