Study Medicaid Coverage “Gap” 40% of Total Uninsured in Mississippi

Mississippians in the so-called Medicaid Coverage Gap make up nearly forty-percent of the state’s uninsured population according to a new study. MPB’s Jeffrey Hess reports two online petitions to expand the program in Mississippi have received more than two-thousand signatures….

The Real Cost of Not Expanding Medicaid

Let’s face it: Equity arguments rarely get any traction in Mississippi.

The plight of uninsured working Mississippians is clearly of little concern to our governor or our state legislators. It seems our policymakers have no problem sleeping at night over the decision to not expand eligibility for Medicaid, a policy that leaves many hard-working Mississippi families without health insurance. However, there is another demographic that may not be so easily thrown under the political bus for the sake of ideology — Mississippi’s local economies and small businesses.

State Representative Compares Medicaid Expansion to Civil Rights Movement

A South Mississippi lawmaker is comparing Governor Phil Bryant’s refusal to accept billions of federal dollars to expand Medicaid to Governor Ross Barnett standing in a doorway at Ole Miss to block James Meredith. Representative David Baria was one of the speakers at the Dr. Martin Luther King Legislative Breakfast where the topic of discussion was healthcare.

Obamacare Medicaid Split Creates Two Americas for Poor

Amber Sanchez, a San Francisco cancer survivor, skipped visiting the gynecologist last year to check a growth on her ovary because she was uninsured. This year, it’s at the top of her New Year’s plans.

Finding Health Insurance for 71 Cents Per Month

If you’re looking for evidence that, the federal health insurance marketplace, is working much better these days, you might want to ask Arlene Wilson. The 56-year-old is a chef with a popular pizza shop in Jackson, Mississippi.

Chicken fight over labeling looms

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has given China permission to export poultry processed there to the United States as long as the chicken was raised in the United States, Canada or Chile.