COVER MISSISSIPPI: Statewide Coalition to Enroll Mississippians in Health Insurance Marketplace

Consumer advocates, providers, clergy, and other stakeholders have recognized the need to for a statewide campaign to successfully assist Mississippians in understanding and purchasing health plans in the new marketplace.

New Policy Brief: Educate, Engage, Enroll - Preparing for Enrollment in New Health Insurance Options

The Mississippi Health Advocacy Program (MHAP) commissioned a survey conducted by Chism Strategies, to understand the potential challenges that exist in enrolling Mississippians into the new Health Insurance Marketplace. The survey found that only 52% of Mississippians are aware that Mississippi will have a Health Insurance Marketplace and only 24% of Mississippians were aware that open enrollment in the Marketplace begins in October.

‘Navigators’ In Place To Help Mississippians In Insurance Exchange

In less than a month, uninsured Mississippians can begin signing up for federally subsidized private health insurance on the new health insurance exchange.

Tea party protests Affordable Care Act

Tea Party activists in Mississippi are trying to make one final push to stop the health care reform law from taking full effect. Conservatives are turning up the heat on Mississippi Republicans to do more to stop the law.

Wicker may have no use for Medicaid, but his constituents certainly do

United States senators are supposed to come home in August to impart wisdom about congressional accomplishments to make life better for their constituents and then seek information from the home folks about how federal programs already in place are helping.

Our Roger Wicker, in his obligatory interview on Mississippi Public Broadcasting last week, did neither. He of course couldn’t brag about Congress’ accomplishments because there weren’t any, unless gridlock counts as an accomplishment.

Mississippi Dems: We were bamboozled on Medicaid

Advocates for Medicaid expansion sent out a barrage of statements expressing disappointment with the outcome.  The Mississippi Health Advocacy Program called the decision shortsighted and political. “Given that 59 percent of Mississippians support Medicaid expansion it is unfortunate that many of our legislators ignored both the will of the people and the needs of those that put them in office,” the statement read.