Conferees Agreement on Cigarette Tax Is a Step in the Right Direction

The Senate and House conferees agreement to increase the cigarette tax to 68 cents is a win for Mississippi. While this proposal would retain the state far below the national average, this agreement is a step in the right direction. A 68 cent cigarette tax will provide much needed revenue for the state while leading to a reduction in youth smoking and general consumption.

COMMUNITY FORUMS: Every Penny Counts! Mississippi Needs a Significant Cigarette Tax Increase Now

The Communities for a Clean Bill of Health, a statewide coalition of public health advocates, will hold host a series public forums to discuss the importance of Mississippi passing a significant cigarette tax increase. Legislators, health advocates and physicians will be available to talk to the public.

Cigarette Tax Petition

Sign the Petition that CCBH will deliver to State Lawmakers. Yes, I want a healthier Mississippi! I support a significant tax increase on cigarettes.

Mississippi Now Alone in Face-to-Face Recertification

The State of New York’s decision to eliminate face-to-face recertification for all Medicaid/CHIP beneficiaries leaves Mississippi even further behind in health care. With this decision, Mississippi is now the only state that requires in person recertification (face-to-face) for families seeking Medicaid/CHIP benefits for their children.

[Agho] Cover The Uninsured

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has designated this week “Cover the Uninsured Week” to bring attention and awareness to this increasing problem. It has been an annual event for the past seven years.

Let’s Get America Covered!

Cover the Uninsured Week (March 22-29), Join thousands of other Americans by getting involved in this year’s Cover the Uninsured Week. We need comprehensive health care reform to ensure all Americans have access to affordable health care coverage.