Uncompensated care is growing hospital burden

The cost of uncompensated care likely will multiply in Mississippi this year and next as thousands have been laid off, especially by auto suppliers and furniture factories.

MHAP Free Clinic Resource List

MHAP has compiled a Free Clinic Resource List for Mississippians who are uninsured in
North, Central and South Mississippi.

Barbour Caves on Tobacco Tax

Roy Mitchell, director of the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program, said the tax should be about $1 a pack, if Barbour was serious about the tax being a health issue.

Tobacco: State can finally start to catch up

It’s estimated a $1-per-pack tax hike will generate up to $184.6 million; a 50-cent hike, $120 million. So, the higher the tax, the better.

EDITORIAL:The 2009 budget

We differ with the governor on the specifics of his cigarette tax proposal. The 24-cent-per-pack increase on premium brands he seeks is too low.

Medicaid, school funding spared in state budget cuts

Agencies that provide Mississippians with everything from public safety to help with mental health are considering whether budget cuts will affect services or, in some cases, the status of state employees.