Congress Races The Clock In Quest To Bring Stability To Individual Insurance Market

March 2, 2018, Kaiser Health News, Julie Rovner- Congress is running out of time if members want to come up with legislation to stabilize the individual insurance market. While Republicans and Democrats still feud over the fate of the Affordable Care Act, a bipartisan group of senators and House members has been working since last summer on measures to keep prices from rising out of control and undermining the individual market where people who don’t get insurance through work or the government buy policies.They hope to attach a package of fixes to what should be the year’s final temporary spending bill, due in late March. The lawmakers are up against not just the legislative clock, but also the insurance companies’ timeline. Insurers have until summer to decide if they want to continue to sell policies in the ACA marketplaces, but many start making preliminary decisions as early as April.

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