Health insurance and a pile of unread mail: MS Pulse

December 22, 2017, The Clarion-Ledger, Anna Wolfe- OVER HALF OF 625 MISSISSIPPIANS (53 percent) oppose the transfer of Medicaid eligibility to Human Services, according to a poll Mason Dixon Polling conducted on behalf of the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program, which also opposes the move. Sixteen percent said they weren’t sure and 31 expressed support.“The results of this poll make it clear that a vast majority of Mississippians do not support moving Medicaid eligibility determination to MDHS or reducing Medicaid coverage,” Mississippi Health Advocacy Program Director Roy Mitchell said in a statement. “Also, the poll strongly indicates that the public tolerance for political gamesmanship with our Medicaid program is low. Mississippi legislators who fail to recognize that Mississippians trust and value our state Medicaid program, do so at their own political peril.“The poll also found 67 percent of respondents “opposed reducing Medicaid coverage of long-term care for seniors, people with disabilities, children and low-income parents.”(Jacksonville-based Mason-Dixon Polling conducted the poll through phone interviews with 625 registered Mississippi voters, randomly chosen from a voter registration list. The margin for error is 4 percent).

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