Honey, We Shrunk the General Fund: Medicaid, Education, Gang Debates Loom in 2018

January 3, 2018, Jackson Free Press, Arielle Dreher- The Mississippi Health Advocacy Program polled more than 600 Mississippians about the transfer in eligibility verification and found that 53 percent opposed the transfer to MDHS.“The results of this poll make it clear that a vast majority of Mississippians do not support moving Medicaid eligibility determination to MDHS or reducing Medicaid coverage. Also, the poll strongly indicates that the public tolerance for political gamesmanship with our Medicaid program is low,” Roy Mitchell, executive director of the program, said. “Mississippi legislators who fail to recognize that Mississippians trust and value our state Medicaid program, do so at their own political peril.” Republicans constantly express frustration at the ballooning Medicaid budget, always asking the agency to cut costs. The division will ask for another deficit appropriation in the new year.

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