Medicaid expansion sparks economic stimulus, healthier workers

April 15, 2018, The Advocate, Advocate Editorial- That Gov. Bobby Jindal and the Legislature were wrong to turn down the expansion of Medicaid insurance coverage for the working poor almost a decade ago is amply demonstrated by the experience of the first year since John Bel Edwards reversed course. An independent analysis by the LSU Public Administration Institute found that Medicaid expansion is a win for the state. It covers working people who make up to 138 percent of the poverty line, less than $35,000 for a family of four. As a practical matter, these are the uninsured, since the price of coverage was simply too high, even when employers offered some benefits. The advantages of expansion are both financial and medical. On the financial front, the generous federal matching grants for expansion more than 90 percent - mean that money once spent on care for the uninsured, often in emergency rooms, is now available through doctor’s offices.

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