Medicaid up for big debates at Mississippi Capitol in 2018

December 26, 2017, Mississippi Business Journal, Associated Press- Mississippi legislators in 2018 are expected to bicker over Medicaid, a government health insurance program that consumes a large portion of the state budget and covers about 1 in every 4 residents.The program comes up for a thorough review every few years, and 2018 is one of them. Legislators could discuss a wide range of issues, including managed-care contracts with private companies.Top lawmakers said the House and Senate could even discuss details that affect Medicaid recipients’ daily lives. That would include whether to reconsider the limits on the number of prescriptions that can be filled and the number of doctors’ office visits that can be made by those who are not enrolled in managed care.Most Medicaid recipients are in managed care, and supporters say it is designed to control costs by emphasizing preventative care and by trying to steer people away from expensive trips to the emergency room for illnesses that are better treated in nonemergency settings. However, critics say managed care creates another layer of bureaucracy for health care providers.

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