Mississippi mothers and Medicaid work requirements

April 13, 2018, The Clarion-Ledger, Lynn Evans- It comes as no surprise that being healthy and having a job are linked. It is obvious that being unhealthy makes it difficult to find and keep a job. The question is does having a job make you healthy? There are certain Mississippi politicians who apparently think so. They have asked the federal government’s permission to add a work requirement for all nondisabled, non-caretaker adults on Medicaid, and they are confident the request will be approved. And they say one reason to do it is it will make the people who get jobs healthier. Unfortunately, it turns out that 91 percent of the people expected to lose Medicaid coverage from this state work requirement are mothers, and 71 percent are African-American. And all are very low income; to qualify for Medicaid in our state, an applicant in a family of three must make less than $384 a month.

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