The Health 202: Medicaid expansion in red states is likely to come via voters in November

June 4, 2018, The Washington Post, Paige Winfield Cunningham- When the Trump administration started this year allowing states to require work or volunteering by their Medicaid enrollees, there was lots of speculation that more GOP-led state legislatures would finally adopt Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. But with the exception of Virginia, they mostly haven’t. Instead, the next states to expand Medicaid probably will do so if voters approve such a decision in November. Last week, Utah’s lieutenant governor announced there are a sufficient number of signatures for a ballot initiative to expand Medicaid, and activists in Idaho have said they’ve collected enough signatures for a ballot question, as well.“We have been polling for five years on how Utahns feel about medical expansion, and they’re on board,” RyLee Curtis, spokeswoman for the Utah Decides Healthcare campaign, told me. Utah and Idaho are among the 17 states holding out on Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act.

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