The Health 202: Trump is trying to gut Obamacare. But it hasn’t worked.

August 3, 2018, The Washington Post, Colby Itkowitz- The Affordable Care Act is surviving. Advocates say it could be thriving. Since President Trump took office, the law has been under attack by the White House and the Republican Congress, both rhetorically and practically. Just Thursday night at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, Trump boasted about gutting the ACA. Short of repealing the entire law, his administration has done a lot to contribute to its failure. And yet, despite their best efforts, enrollment in President Obama’s signature domestic program remained steady this year, proposed premium increases for 2019 in many markets are in the single digits and insurers that had previously left some marketplaces are reentering the individual exchanges. But advocates of the ACA, as well as health policy experts who follow the law closely, still say it would be doing better were it not for the administration’s systematic attempts to gut it.

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