Trump Administration cools on Mississippi Medicaid work requirements

May 10, 2018, Mississippi Today, Larrison Campbell- For months, Mississippi’s application for a program that would require certain Medicaid recipients to work has been considered a lock by supporters and opponents of the program. But last week the Trump Administration walked back support for the waivers in states like Mississippi that have opted out of Medicaid expansion, placing a question mark over a controversial program that has the strong support of Gov. Phil Bryant. In Mississippi, approximately 50,000 people fall into this category, and an April report from Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families estimated that, if the federal government approves Mississippi’s application as written, as many as half of them could lose their coverage over the next five years. “They claim the waiver will help people build a foundation for health, and that imposing a work requirement makes it somehow possible to have coverage. But in reality it makes it impossible for that population to have both employment and Medicaid coverage,” said Roy Mitchell, executive director of the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program.

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