Unhappy UMMC pediatricians ‘loot’ to form own sub-specialty practice, lawsuits ensue

June 4, 2018, The Clarion-Ledger, Anna Wolfe- It’s a time of flux for the University of Mississippi Medical Center as it wages a public battle with the state’s largest insurance company; ushers in a new head of pediatrics; and constructs a $180 million tower for the children’s hospital. Under the surface, though, Batson Children’s Hospital has suffered a loss of sub-specialty pediatricians - 32 since 2016, during which the medical center has hired 25 - and not all of them are leaving the state to work for other hospitals. Several of the pediatricians have splintered off to work for a new local competitor of the university, prompting a nasty ongoing lawsuit that calls into question both the motives of departing doctors and the quality of the state’s only children’s hospital.

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