What’s in a medical bill? CL health reporter asks for your stories

June 4, 2018, The Clarion-Ledger, Anna Wolfe- Clarion Ledger Health Watchdog Reporter Anna Wolfe is examining medical bills from health care providers in our community. We’re looking at the circumstances that lead to sticker shock, potential solutions and what you, the patient, can do about it. Send us your medical bills, whether for an ER visit, an ambulance ride, a surgery, medication, or something as simple as a urinalysis at your local clinic. Maybe you went to an in-network hospital during an emergency but received charges from an out-of-network ER physician. Or an additional bill for the difference your insurance plan didn’t pay. Maybe you got a bill from a doctor you never saw or waited in the ER for services you never received but were still billed. Help us hold hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, state agencies and lawmakers accountable by sharing your story. So far, our reporting has led one hospital to change its scoring criteria for how ER visits are priced. Your input can help us achieve more impact.

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