Why America’s Black Mothers and Babies Are in a Life-or-Death Crisis

April 11, 2018, The New York Times, Linda Villarosa- When Landrum complained about how she was feeling more forcefully at the appointment, she recalls, her doctor told her to lie down and calm down. She says that he also warned her that he was planning to go out of town and told her that he could deliver the baby by C-section that day if she wished, six weeks before her early-January due date. Landrum says it seemed like an ultimatum, centered on his schedule and convenience. So she took a deep breath and lay on her back for 40 minutes until her blood pressure dropped within normal range. Aside from the handwritten note, Landrum’s medical records don’t mention the
hypertensive episode, the headaches or the swelling, and she says that was the last time the doctor or anyone from his office spoke to her. “It was like he threw me away,” Landrum says angrily.

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