Medicaid Toolkit

This manual is designed as a tool for communities to use to inform and organize their families, friends and neighbors to support the vital Medicaid program. There is so much news and noise going around on health care that it’s easy to get lost.
Medicaid is a program that provides health care to over 760,000 of Mississippi’s children, seniors, disabled and pregnant women. Last year Medicaid spent over $1.2 billion dollars on medical care, which goes to pay doctors, nurses and hospitals. Medicaid supports the health care system in this state and without it, there would be very large sections of the state with little to no access to care.

Policymakers will be making decisions that will impact the health care of hundreds of thousands of Mississippians that depend on this vital program – and they need to hear from you.

This is a guide to helping you and your community voice your concerns and work with them to create a future that invests in the health of its citizens.

Download the guide for information on: MHAP Medicaid Tookit (PDF)