Mississippi Hospital Points to Medicaid Expansion As Reason for Doctor Layoff

A Mississippi Hospital says federal cuts and the failure to expand Medicaid in Mississippi have caused them to lay off five doctors. MPB’s Jeffrey Hess reports that leaders in the state legislature do not think the firings mean the state should expand the program.

The plot to make Big Food pay

Lawyers are pitching state attorneys general in 16 states with a radical idea: make the food industry pay for soaring obesity-related health care costs.


Health care navigators fight misinformation

Mike Jones (not his real name) didn’t have a lot of confidence that the Affordable Care Act would do him much good. A self-employed truck driver, Jones, 61, had good reason to be skeptical: The health-insurance plans he had found previously were way out of his financial reach, so he had remained uninsured. If he got sick, he would go to a clinic where a sliding scale allowed him to pay what he could for health care. Nonetheless, he was willing to find out. So he gathered his tax documents and showed up at the desk of a marketplace navigator, someone trained to help people enroll in new plans under the ACA. He was in for a pleasant surprise. It turned out he qualified for a plan that (costs him) about $20,” a month, said Jarvis Dortch, one of Mississippi’s navigators. “He came back about two times, because he thought, ‘This can’t be right.’”

Hospitals less vocal on Medicaid expansion

At a Senate Committee meeting last week, Tim Moore, the new chief executive officer of the Mississippi Hospital Association, was described as giving a “less than enthusiastic” endorsement of Medicaid expansion. Last year, the Hospital Association was one of the chief and most powerful proponents of the Mississippi Legislature expanding Medicaid to cover those earning up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level.

Study Medicaid Coverage “Gap” 40% of Total Uninsured in Mississippi

Mississippians in the so-called Medicaid Coverage Gap make up nearly forty-percent of the state’s uninsured population according to a new study. MPB’s Jeffrey Hess reports two online petitions to expand the program in Mississippi have received more than two-thousand signatures….

The Real Cost of Not Expanding Medicaid

Let’s face it: Equity arguments rarely get any traction in Mississippi.

The plight of uninsured working Mississippians is clearly of little concern to our governor or our state legislators. It seems our policymakers have no problem sleeping at night over the decision to not expand eligibility for Medicaid, a policy that leaves many hard-working Mississippi families without health insurance. However, there is another demographic that may not be so easily thrown under the political bus for the sake of ideology — Mississippi’s local economies and small businesses.