State Lawmakers Pass the Buck to Local Taxpayers. Ignore Medicaid Expansion

Like many of Mississippi’s rural hospitals, Kosciusko’s Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital is under financial strain. In the past year, the Attala County owned facility has laid-off 38 employees and closed its ICU.

Mississippi’s decision to refuse Medicaid expansion is one that is causing unnecessary fiscal harm to the hospital and local economy of Attala County.

Mississippi Congressmen Vote to Take Health Insurance from 81,000 Mississippians

Today Representatives Gregg Harper and Steven Palazzo voted in favor of H.R. 596. They voted to cancel the private insurance plans of over 81,000 Mississippians covered under the ACA’s Health Insurance Marketplace.

The Affordable Care Act and the 2015 Tax Season

The 2015 tax season is the first time individuals and families will be asked for some basic information regarding their health insurance on the their tax returns. Here are 4 basic scenarios for you to look for during tax season.


It is a common refrain for legislators to pit investments in healthcare versus education, roads, and other public needs. Last week in the Senate, spending on education was even pitted against spending on education. 

In the background, Legislators are also claiming that ballooning growth in Mississippi’s Medicaid program - brought on by ACA mandates - will harm other areas of the state budget.

Last week the Division of Medicaid presented its budget request to the House and Senate. The short of it is that the budget numbers presented by Medicaid don’t match the rhetoric.

Mississippi to pay for Tennessee’s Medicaid Expansion

Yesterday, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam announced Insure Tennessee - a plan to close the volunteer state’s coverage gap.
Insure Tennessee would leverage billions in federal Medicaid dollars to provide health insurance to 200,000 low-income Tennesseans.

MS LEFT ME OUT: New Medicaid Expansion Effort

Advocates for Medicaid expansion in Mississippi are launching a new campaign today. They are highlighting the stories of people who fall in the so-called ‘medicaid gap’. The campaign, called Mississippi Left Me Out, is an effort to up the pressure on state lawmakers to expand Medicaid to cover more Mississippians. Under the health care reform law, the state can ease access to Medicaid with the federal government picking up the lion’s share of the cost.