An Economic Analysis of the State and Local Impact of Medicaid Expansion in Mississippi

A December 2013 report released by the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program (MHAP) indicates that Medicaid expansion would generate 20,000 new jobs and produce $14 billion in new economic activity while providing health insurance to over 220,000 Mississippians.

The report, An Economic Analysis of the State and Local Impact of Medicaid Expansion in Mississippi, is the first study to look at the fiscal impact of Medicaid on the state and local communities.

Newest Health Insurance Customers Are Generally Happy

We’ve known for a few months now that lots of people signed up for health insurance this year in new marketplaces. A new survey shows that the people who did so are also pretty happy with their purchases.

20 Million Americans Get Insurance Under Obamacare, Report Says

About 20 million Americans have gained health insurance or enrolled in new insurance under the health care reform law, according to a new report.

Young adults healthier after passage of Obamacare, study finds

Expanding the number of young adults with health insurance appears to have improved their health and saved them money, according to a new study that is among the first to measure the effect of the healthcare law that President Obama signed four years ago.

How the Affordable Care Act helps small business

“The ACA gives our employees more affordable options than we previously had,” Harris explained. “My advice to any small business considering offering health insurance is do not listen to the pundits. Research how the ACA will apply to your specific company and circumstances, because it affects companies differently.”

Farmer’s goal at SLU: Bring in farm-fresh food

For years, students at Southeastern Louisiana University have been on a mission to bring locally grown food to campus, Professor David Burley said. The market brings them one step closer to making their goal a reality.