Senators expecting fed aid nix hospital hike for Medicaid

Further changes to the bill removed requirements for children 16 and younger to attend in-person interviews to re-enroll in CHIP. A recent federal heath-care expansion offers financial incentives for states that enroll more kids who are eligible.

BOBBY HARRISON:Medicaid debate will heat up again before this session ends

Figures from the state Tax Commission estimate an 82-cent per pack hike in the cigarette tax would generate more than $200 million annually. Some say that is overly optimistic. It may be, but there is no debate about the fact an 82-cent increase would generate much more than the $45 million needed for the House plan to fund the Medicaid deficit.

Nurse Family Partnership Program Request for Proposals

Under this request for proposals, the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program is inviting the participation of community-based organizations that currently work with underserved populations who directly and indirectly have a stake in the issue of healthy mothers and improved birth outcomes.

Call Your Senator This Weekend

Thank you for your support of this bill, including your calls and emails.  It was only with your help that this bill was able to pass by such a large margin.We now need your help in the senate this weekend.


Please call the listed Representatives below and tell him/her to vote Yes on House Bill 364 for the $1 cigarette tax.  You call also send preloaded messages to all members of the House of Representatives as well as send a letter to the editor of your local paper.

Group Advocates Higher Cigarette Tax

MHAP is touring the state now sharing the video with the public. It contains testimonials of random people from around the state and their thoughts on a proposal to increase the tax on a pack of cigarettes by $1.