7 unanswered questions left by the Obamacare ruling

December 19, 2019, Politico, Adriel Bettelheim and Susannah Luthi- Wednesday’s dramatic court ruling striking down Obamacare’s individual mandate lets President Donald Trump assure Americans their insurance is safe while telling his base he’s fighting the law to the death in court. It also allows Democrats to re-assert that Trump and his GOP allies are hellbent on gutting protections for people with preexisting conditions.In other words, it’s a reset of 2018 health politics. And the timing of the decision makes it highly unlikely that the Supreme Court will weigh in on the matter before the 2020 election, leaving the ultimate fate of the health law in limbo.The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision for the most part punted on the central question of whether the Affordable Care Act is still valid now that Congress removed the penalty for not having insurance. Instead, the question will go to a federal judge in Texas who’s already ruled the entire law unconstitutional, keeping a cloud over Obamacare’s future. A group of Democratic-led states is appealing to the Supreme Court. Here are some unanswered questions following the court ruling.

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