Medicaid hearing takes place at Capital; addresses “elephant in the room”

January 23, 2019, WLOX, Nick Ducote- Mississippi Executive Director of Medicaid, Drew Snyder, briefed members of the House of Representatives and gave them an update on the current status of the program. The big issue at hand - whether the state should “expand.” “Look, I’ll go ahead and address the elephant in the room head on,” said Snyder. “Obviously the issue of Medicaid expansion is a very hot topic right now. And there are strong opinions for and against it, and many of these strong opinions are right here in this room.” According to Snyder, the agency has been able to find ways to find cost savings. So they’re not asking lawmakers this year for as much as they have in the past. For the 2020 fiscal year, the budget request to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee originally asked for $954 million, but on Jan. 14th 2019, they revised the budget to $939 million. State Democrats say small and rural hospitals are shouldering the burden of the costs by treating high numbers of uninsured patients.

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