Medicaid Reform: Hospitals propose plan to broaden access

May 13, 2019, WJTV, Liz Carroll - The Mississippi Hospital Association says uninsured patients who are unable to pay for emergency care are putting stress on hospitals, some of which have closed, because of a lack of payment. And that’s just one fact. MHA says a proposal for Medicaid reform will be a public-private partnership and will not cost the taxpayers a cent. The plan will be owned by the hospitals with patients paying $20 or less per month for an individual making $17,000 annually or $35,000 annually for a family of four. Association CEO Tim Moore says he met with Governor Phil Bryant and the Medicaid Director late last year about the proposal, but it went nowhere. Now, he says it’s time. “Well you know we feel like if you look across the state of Mississippi and you look at the support that’s in this room that it’s time to move forward with it - I think probably our administration our leadership needs to understand there’s a lot of support in Mississippi to move forward with a plan like this.” According to the group, since 2015 E.R. visits went up 155 percent for Medicaid patients and the cost has risen by nearly 50 percent.

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