POINT-COUNTERPOINT: Healthcare at center of Congressional elections

September 29, 2018, Daily Journal, Dr. Ed Holliday- With Mississippi being in the unusual position of electing two senators and four congressmen on the same day, November 6, it is vital that voters go to the polls educated on the key issue of healthcare. U.S. Senators affect the issue of - and the issues surrounding - healthcare virtually more than any other issue. From obesity, diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease and teen pregnancy to nutritional health, Mississippi suffers from a wide range of health disparities and socioeconomic issues.That’s why Mississippians should be aware that interim Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, immediately upon being appointed by Gov. Phil Bryant, aligned herself with the governor’s and current president’s repressive and regressive healthcare agenda: dismantling the Affordable Care Act, cutting the school nutrition program for children, and refusing to expand Medicaid, in a state that is literally dying and starving from a lack of quality healthcare and nutrition.

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