Surprise! Fixing Out-Of-Network Bills Means Someone Must Pay

May 9, 2019, KHN, Julie Rovner -  President Trump called on Republicans and Democrats to pass legislation this year to end surprise medical bills, in remarks made in the White House’s Roosevelt Room Thursday.  “We’re determined to end surprise medical billing for American patients,” Trump said. Bills like those have been featured in the NPR-Kaiser Health News series launched in February 2018. Two patients whose medical bills were part of the series attended the event. Austin, Texas, teacher Drew Calver talked about the six-figure bill he received after having a heart attack. “I felt like I was exploited at the most vulnerable time in my life,” he said. His bill was reduced to $332 after the NPR-KHN story was published. A bipartisan group of senators has been working to come up with a plan for the past several months. The lawmakers said Thursday they hope to have a bill to the president by July. But will bipartisanship be enough? Even political will might not overcome divisions within the health industry.

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